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Unable to login to one of 4 requested VMs.

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In a scenario where 4 VMs are requested, I am not able to login to one of the VMs.

I have ran into this problem on two separate instances of a 4 VMs sliver. The most current failure occurred on a sliver named IG-CT-1, where I am not able to login to the VM associated with port 30780 on even though the VM is listed as "ready".

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I tried a third sliver with the same 4 VMs RSpec and once again, I am not able to login to one of the VMs. This third sliver is named "IG-CT-1a" and the VM where login fails is port 31036 on

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I realized that I did not explain what I meant by "not being able to login", sorry!

Each of the nodes that failed prompt me to enter a password when I try to login. The ssh keys are not in place. Both slivers are still running, IG-CT-1 & IG-CT-1a.

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On 11/5/12 5:36 PM, Leigh Stoller wrote:

I installed a fix that Jon made last week. Lets see how it goes now. 
Go ahead and kill off the existing slices and try again please.


I have set up the 4 VMs sliver twice (IG-CT-1 & IG-CT-1a). The sliver named IG-CT-1 shows the problem with VM-3 prompting for a password. (VM-3=port 30780 on The second sliver IG-CT-1a does not and all nodes are accessible.

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Fixes have been applied to the InstaGENI rack to address this problem. There have been stress tests by Jonathan Duerig that used 25 slices which did not show the problem.

I also set up 30 experiments using the 4VM RSpec that originally showed this problem and I have been able to login to each of the 120 VM reserved. This problem is solved, closing ticket.

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