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configure serial console access from control node to dataplane switch

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Serial console access from the control node to the rack dataplane switch does not work yet.

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During Wednesday's call, we discussed the fact that serial access to the dataplane switch is planned, but is not working correctly yet (and may not work until the new switch is operational).

I made this ticket to reflect that serial access is planned and not yet working, as a memory aid to myself.

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I haven't pinged on this in some time. Does serial access to the dataplane switch now exist?

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The Utah InstaGENI rack will not have serial console access, so this is blocked until we get a second rack, and we'll test it there.

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This came up in the course of installing the BBN rack: There's a single serial port from the control node, and it can be connected to either switch, as needed.

Leigh, did we conclude something about what the default state should be, i.e. should the cable be connected to one switch or the other most of the time? Did we write down that conclusion anywhere?

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Leigh said via e-mail:

Well, if the control switch goes south, having a serial console                 
to it from a node inside the rack, is sorta pointless. I guess
I would say that the default situation is that it should connect                
data switch.

But at the beginning of time, it should connect to the control switch       
in case there are problems like we encountered with the BBN rack
(and HP cannot get us the switch MAC addresses for setting up DHCP).

This sounds like the right thing to me too.

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So, what's left to do on this ticket? Leigh, you used the serial port to connect to the console of both switches in the BBN rack, right?

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I think if y'all have verified that serial access to both switches works on the BBN rack, we can close this ticket.

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Resolution: fixed
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Closing ticket; this works for both switches: screen /dev/ttyS0 115200

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