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Unable to login to Utah DDC procurve2

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Writing ticket to track to resolution:

Trying to "ssh manager@procurve2" on the Utah DDC boss host, but I am finding that the password in /usr/testbed/etc/switch.pswd does not seem to work.

Is the procurve2 account for this rack using a different password?

The connection failure while using the password in /usr/testbed/etc/switch.pswd:

[lnevers@boss ~]$ ssh manager@procurve2
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manager@procurve2's password: 
Permission denied, please try again.
manager@procurve2's password: 
Received disconnect from 11: Too many authentication failures.

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Able to connect to the procurve2 switch via telnet, and since the wiki instruct the reader to used telnet, this is sufficient to execute the Utah DDC confirmation tests checks. However, more is to be determined by Leigh so this ticket will be left open until a solution is available.

Capturing email exchange for this ticket:

On 8/17/13 7:45 AM, Leigh Stoller wrote:

I also fixed up the switch password on procurve2. There is a bit of administrative overlap on that switch since it technically exists inside of Joe Breen's domain, but I expect he will be fine with the password change. :-) Lbs

On 8/19/13 8:25 AM, Luisa Nevers wrote:

I am still unable to ssh into the procurve2 switch. I am using the password from /usr/testbed/etc/switch.pswd and the account manager. Am I using the right password and account?

On 8/19/13 9:21 AM, Leigh Stoller wrote:

What happens when you use telnet? (I just used telnet and the password worked okay).

On 8/19/13 9:34 AM, Luisa Nevers wrote:

I just tried telnet and it works on the Utah DDC rack. But, in past new site confirmation testing I had only been using ssh access and it always worked.

Have we changed which access to support to the switches?

On 8/19/13 9:41 AM, Leigh Stoller wrote:

Yes and no. The wiki page *does* say to use telnet, but the problem is that we are converting to ssh pub key access, but I guess the settings are not allowing password based. I will have to look at that.

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