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Sliver creation for 20 sliver containing 2 VM plus one link each fails. IG-XN-3 Limits tests

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Writing ticket to track resolution of this issue which was initially discussed in email.

Started 20 slivers, 90 seconds apart. Each sliver has 2 Xen VMs slivers with one link. Slivers took 20-25 minutes for both nodes to be ready (or fail).

Out of the 20 slivers (40 hosts) requested, 16 slivers (25 hosts) failed on creation:

    Nodes:  [Node: pcvm3-21] failed.
    Nodes:  [Node: pcvm3-24] failed.
    Nodes:  [Node: pcvm3-28] [Node: pcvm3-27] failed.
    Nodes:  [Node: pcvm3-30] [Node: pcvm3-29] failed.
    Nodes: [Node: pcvm3-31] failed.
    Nodes: [Node: pcvm3-33] failed.
    Nodes: [Node: pcvm3-36] [Node: pcvm3-35] failed.
    Nodes: [Node: pcvm3-38] [Node: pcvm3-37] failed.
    Nodes: [Node: pcvm3-39] [Node: pcvm3-40] failed.
    Nodes: [Node: pcvm3-41] [Node: pcvm3-42] failed.
    Nodes: [Node: pcvm3-43] [Node: pcvm3-44] failed.
    Nodes: [Node: pcvm3-46] [Node: pcvm3-45] failed.
    Nodes: [Node: pcvm3-50] [Node: pcvm3-49] failed.
    Nodes: [Node: pcvm3-52] failed.
    Nodes:  [Node: pcvm3-53] [Node: pcvm3-54] failed.
    Nodes: [Node: pcvm3-56] failed.

On 8/12/13 11:01 AM, Leigh Stoller wrote:

Hi. Yep, see the problem. A write lock on the create path that should be a read lock instead. Let me work on this and get back to you.

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