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Site Specific InstaGENI Deployment Data - Documentation requirements

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The test case IG-ADM-7 checks for availability of InstaGENI rack documentation. This ticket captures the requirement to deliver "Site Specific InstaGENI Deployment Data".

The goal of this evaluation is to find documentation that:

  1. Provides per-site deployment details/documentation.
  2. Documentation should be prepared before sites are installed and kept updated after installation to reflect any changes or upgrades after delivery.
  3. Text, network diagrams, wiring diagrams and labeled photos are all acceptable for site documents.
  4. Per-site documentation should include the following items for each site:
  1. Part numbers and quantities of PDUs, with NEMA input power connector types, and an inventory of which equipment connects to which PDU.
  2. Physical network interfaces for each control and data plane port that connects to the site's existing network(s), including type, part numbers, maximum speed etc. (eg. 10-GB-SR fiber)
  3. Public IP addresses allocated to the rack, including: number of distinct IP ranges and size of each range, hostname to IP mappings which should be placed in site DNS, whether the last-hop routers for public IP ranges subnets sit within the rack or elsewhere on the site, and what firewall configuration is desired for the control network.
  4. Data plane network connectivity and procedures for each rack, including core backbone connectivity and documentation, switch configuration options to set for compatibility with the L2 core, and the site and rack procedures for connecting non-rack-controlled VLANs and resources to the rack data plane. A network diagram is highly recommended.

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