21:03 Ticket #22 (Integrate Labwiki with GENI Portal using OpenID) closed by jack.hong@nicta.com.au
fixed: Issue regarding GENI openid has been resolved.


14:36 Ticket #28 (Add update capability to the init script) created by johren@bbn.com
The init script currently assumes it is creating a new experiment. We …


20:15 Ticket #1 (Test GIMI ticket) closed by johren@bbn.com
19:38 Ticket #27 (Common post-boot script) created by johren@bbn.com
There are some differences in the GIMI post-boot scripts for ExoGENI …
19:35 Ticket #26 (Restrict itickets to certain iRODS users) created by johren@bbn.com
Initial implementation will create itickets not restricted to certain …
19:33 Ticket #25 (Support running multiple experiments simultaneously in Labwiki) created by johren@bbn.com
The initial implementation will support running one experiment at a …
19:31 Ticket #24 (Write a how-to wiki page for the GIMI initialization process) created by johren@bbn.com
We would like a wiki page that describes how to run the init script …
17:27 Ticket #23 (Add the ability to select the experiment_ID in Labwiki) created by johren@bbn.com
We will need the ability to select the experiment_ID in Labwiki from a …
17:22 Ticket #22 (Integrate Labwiki with GENI Portal using OpenID) created by johren@bbn.com
Labwiki will use OpenID to authenticate the user using their GENI …
14:37 Ticket #5 (Configure iRODS access in the init script with iinit) closed by johren@bbn.com
14:37 Ticket #4 (Create initialization script for GIMI to run on the EME) closed by johren@bbn.com
10:17 Ticket #14 (Install the omf_sfa code on emmy9 for initial prototyping) closed by johren@bbn.com
10:10 Ticket #7 (Add slice selection to the init script) closed by johren@bbn.com


15:32 Ticket #21 (OML upgrade on Fedora 15. Refer Ticket #17) created by divyashri.bhat@gmail.com
Can OML 2.10 be made compatible with Fedora 15, which is currently …


11:11 Ticket #10 (Initialize the iRODS experiment directory) closed by koneil@bbn.com
fixed: This is complete. It will need to be updated with descriptor …
11:09 Ticket #9 (Get iticket from iRODS for the experiment) closed by koneil@bbn.com
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