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#101 fixed LabWiki Timeout Error Fix - Move to Production

This task is related to:

After successful testing on Dev version of LabWiki?, this fix will be moved to production

#98 fixed Automatically append Slice Name to Host name to generate resource ID

Currently, the problem is experimenters are required to enter their slice name multiple times to generate resource ID even after selecting their slice from drop down list.

One possible solution:

1) Define a convention for host names in the OEDL script E.g defProperty("resource<experimenter defined variable>", <hostname>, "Description")

2) In LabWiki, parse all properties beginning with the word "resource" separately

3) Append slice name selected by user from drop down list to the "resource" name to generate resource ID

4) Send new properties to EC for execution of experiment

I will setup a prototype on emmy9 to test this out.

#96 fixed Job Service VM almost out of memory and disk space

I will take down production job service VM ( for a short downtime to increase memory and disk space.

Memory will be increased to 6GB and Disk Space to 10GB.

This downtime will take place between 10:30PM and 11:00PM EDT and should not last more than 10 minutes. I will update this ticket when the task is complete and Job Service is restarted.

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