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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#4 Create initialization script for GIMI to run on the EME task major InitScript Sprint1
#5 Configure iRODS access in the init script with iinit task major InitScript Sprint1
#7 Add slice selection to the init script task major InitScript Sprint1
#8 Get sliver manifest rspecs from the AMs for a given slice ID task major InitScript Sprint2
#9 Get iticket from iRODS for the experiment task major InitScript Sprint1
#10 Initialize the iRODS experiment directory task major InitScript Sprint1
#11 Load template OMF scripts in iRODS task major InitScript Sprint2
#12 Push sliver manifest rspecs to iRODS experiment location task major InitScript Sprint2
#13 Push necessary configuration to the experiment registry from the init script task major InitScript GEC17
#14 Install the omf_sfa code on emmy9 for initial prototyping task major ExperimentRegistry Sprint1
#15 Define experiment registry REST API task major ExperimentRegistry Sprint2
#16 Implement REST API for experiment registry task major ExperimentRegistry GEC17
#17 Upgrade OMF to 5.4.2 task major OMF Sprint2
#18 Add rules to process incoming descriptors in xml files, and store info in iCAT task major iRODS GEC17
#19 Provide interface to iRODS to allow User who is authenticated to GENI CH Portal to create an iRODS user account task major iRODS Sprint2
#20 Provide navigation from GENI CH Portal to iRODS GUI User Interface somebody task major iRODS Sprint3
#22 Integrate Labwiki with GENI Portal using OpenID task major Portal Sprint2
#23 Add the ability to select the experiment_ID in Labwiki task major Portal Sprint3
#28 Add update capability to the init script task major InitScript GEC17
#29 Create GEC17 tutorial instructions task major Tutorials GEC17
#30 Fill out the HowToUseiRODS wiki page task major iRODS GEC17
#31 Add slice mapping to Labwiki task major Portal GEC17
#32 Install instance of the latest Labwiki on emmy9 for testing and production task major Portal GEC17
#35 Add new portal URL as bookmark in GEC VM task major Tutorials GEC17

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#24 Write a how-to wiki page for the GIMI initialization process task major InitScript GEC17
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