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     1= Internet Scale Overlay Hosting Progress Report 9/1/2009-12/31/2009) =
     3== 1. Project Activities this Quarter ==
     5=== Checkout of Deployed SPP Nodes ===
     7Three SPP nodes were deployed in the previous quarter.
     8We have gone through a fairly comprehensive testing and verification
     9cycle to ensure that the systems will operate reliably when we open
     10them up for general use. We have had to deal with several issues,
     11including some hardware failure, configuration problems and
     12several software bugs that only became evident in the deployed systems.
     13Most of these problems have been taken care of, although we still need
     14to have two of the GPEs replaced. This should happen early this
     17=== Preparation for GEC 6 Demonstration ===
     19The largest part of our effort this quarter went into preparation of
     20the demonstration that we did at GEC 6. This demo included two overlay
     21networks, one that used an NPE fastpath, and another that ran exclusively
     22on the GPEs. These demonstrations used all three of the SPP nodes, and used
     23about 20 PlanetLab nodes as traffic generators for the SPP-network.
     25=== SPP Configuration Tools ===
     27Our experience with the demonstration made it clear that we need to make
     28some improvements to the command line tools that are provided to allow users
     29to configure experimental networks on the SPPs. While the current tools
     31all the required capabilities, the provided functions are needlessly
     33among several different programs and the interfaces are not entirely
     35We have begun restructuring these programs to make them simpler to use,
     36and expect to have the new versions in place early in this quarter.
     38=== User Documentation ===
     40We have made substantial progress on the user documentation for the SPP
     42We will be updating the documentation as we improve the configuration tools.
     43We plan to add several complete example system configurations that users
     44can extend
     45in order to create their own experimental overlay networks.
     47=== Flow Monitoring ===
     49The preparation for the GEC-6 demos limited the time we could spend on
     50the flow monitoring software. While we have made some progress, this work
     51will not be completed until the middle of the first quarter.
     52This needs to be completed before we can open up the SPPs for general use.
     54=== Development of Second Version of Network Processor Datapath Software ===
     56We have made little progress on version 2 of the NPE software this quarter.
     57While work is continuing, we have not been able to devote the time needed
     58to complete this. We currently expect this work will be completed sometime
     59in the second quarter of this year.
     61=== Bug Fixes ===
     63Tracking down and fixing bugs is a continuing process in a project like
     64this. There have been no major new issues this quarter, but this
     65continues to occupy a signficant amount of staff time.
     67== 2. Milestones achieved ==
     69Demonstration of Installed SPP nodes as part of GEC 6
     71== 3. Deliverables made ==
     73Nothing new
     75== 4. Project participants ==
     77Jon Turner – PI (unsupported) [[br]]
     78Patrick Crowley – PI (unsupported) [[br]]
     79John Dehart – technical staff (40% support level) [[br]]
     80Dave Zar – technical staff (25% support level) [[br]]
     81Ken Wong – technical staff (15% support level) [[br]]
     82Mike Wilson – graduate student (unsupported) [[br]]
     83Mart Haitjema – graduate student (unsupported) [[br]]
     84Ritun Patney – graduate student (unsupported) [[br]]
     86== 5. Publications (individual and organizational) ==
     87None yet.
     89== 6. Outreach activities ==
     90None yet.
     92== 7. Collaborations ==
     94Working to establish connections between SPP nodes and the GPENI and MAX
     97Have begun using Plush/Gush tools for configuring SPP nodes.
     99Have demonstrated experiments that use combination of SPP and PlanetLab
     102Have had initial discussions with Jim Griffoen of the University of
     104about using SPPs in support of his Post-Modern Internet Architecture.