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    1818== Preparation for First Public Demonstration at GEC 4 ==
     20We are planning our first public demonstration of the SPPs at GEC 4. This demonstration will involve two fully configured SPP nodes and will demonstrate all the control mechanisms needed to run an application. This will include the following elements: (1) download slice definitions from PLC and instantiate slices on SPP nodes, (2) user login to slice's vServer and establishment of connections from vServer to a remote machine to download files, (3) configuration of external ports that remote machines can use to connect to programs running within the slice's vServer, (4) configuration of a fastpath on the NPE, including configuration of logical interfaces, routes, filters, queues, buffers and network bandwidth, (5) running of application traffic from remote machines through an overlay network consisting of three logical nodes on two different SPPs and (6) configuration and operation of performance monitoring software, demonstrating real-time remote display.
    2022== Development of SPP Reservation System (work in progress) ==
     24We have designed and begun the implementation of a reservation system that will allow users to reserve SPP resources in advance. Currently, the SPP software supports an "immediate allocation" model of resource management. This allows users to request needed resources "right now" and ensures that finite resources are not over-booked, but does not allow users to reserve resources in advance. We are in the process of implementing a reservation system, to allow users to make advance reservations on each SPP node. Reservations will be made through an API that will be available to any program within a slice's vServer. This API will allow reservation of bandwidth on Line Card interfaces as well as NPE fastpaths and associated resources (bandwidth, filters, queues, packet buffers, memory). The reservation system will enforce policies to prevent any slice from hogging all the resources (e.g. reservations can be made at most two weeks in advance and no slice can have reservations totaling more than 10 hours on a given SPP). A command line utility will be provided to read a reservation request from a file and invoke the API to reserve the requested resources. Implementation of the reservation system requires changes to the Resource Manager Proxy (RMP) (which runs on the GPEs and will implement the API) and the System Resource Manager (SRM) (which runs in the CP). It will also require changes to the Substrate Control Daemons in the Line Card and NPE. The new interfaces among the various software components have now been designed and much of the supporting code has been written. Once these interfaces have been completed and tested, we plan to proceed with the actual reservation logic (enforcing that overlapping future reservations do not use more resources than are available). In addition, we need to add mechanisms to save reservations to disk and read them into the SRM during system initialization, so that reservations are preserved across CP crashes.
    2226== Facilitate Communication and Interaction Among Cluster B Participants ==