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    1313The NPE in the SPP provides an extensive collection of performance monitoring counters. These are maintained by the datapath software and are accessible to the xScale management processor. We have developed software to allow a remote user to monitor these counters and have the values displayed on remote real-time charts, allowing researchers to observe what is happening "under the covers" as traffic flows through their fastpath running on the NPE. The software consists of three components. First, there is a user interface implemented as a java application that the user runs on a remote machine.
    1414This interface communicates with a monitoring daemon that is run within the user's vServer.
    15 This daemon communicates with a software module running on the xScale processor in the NPE
    16 to retrieve the current values of the appropriate counters.
     15This daemon accesses the performance data using an API provided by the Resource Manager Proxy (RMP),
     16which runs in the root context on each GPE.
     17The RMP obtains the required data through a software module running on the xScale processor in the NPE.
    1819== Preparation for First Public Demonstration at GEC 4 ==
    2627== Facilitate Communication and Interaction Among Cluster B Participants ==
     29We have been working to foster interaction among Cluster B participants by organizing monthly phone conferences involving the PIs. These calls provide PIs an opportunity to report on status and share experiences. They also provide a vehicle through which GPO staff can stay in touch with PIs and communicate issues of concern to the GPO. While the level of interaction is currently somewhat limited, we expect more substantive interactions to develop over time. We also participated in a Cluster B integration meeting in Denver, which led to an agreement on a simpler model for interaction between GENI Clearinghouse components and Aggregate Managers.
    2831== Deployment Planning ==
     33We have been working to solidify plans for deployment of the first two GENI nodes within Internet 2. Progress on this front has been distressingly slow, in large part because Internet 2 appears ill-prepared to actually deliver on the resource commitments made to the GENI project, and I2 staff has been slow to respond to email discussions attempting to move the agenda forward. While the situation is not critical yet (we will not be ready to actually ship SPP nodes to I2 sites before summer), it is troubling that these issues are taking so long to resolve. After six months, we are no closer to resolving these issues than we were when the project started in October of 2008.
    3035== System Integration/Bug Fixes ==