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    5454Implementation of a load balancer using OpenFlow switches. This course module uses a six-node topology. The goal is to implement a load-balancing OpenFlow controller capable of collecting flow status data from OpenFlow switches. The collected statistics will be used to route traffic between dissimilar network paths and achieve full network utilization. OpenFlow Virtual Switches (OVS) will be used to serve the purpose and OpenFlow controller will be implemented using Trema. A template is already available for the controller. Only a few methods need to implemented to get the required functionality.[[br]]
    5555For further details, contact Prof. Michael Zink at
     57== VLC/Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over Http ==
     58This course module is an extension to the assignment "Load Balancer". It gives a better understanding of how Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over Http (DASH) works. It uses the same six-node topology and the OpenFlow controller. Using OML instrumented VLC, parameters like VLC decision bit rate (actual measured bit rate), VLC empirical rate (instant measured throughput) can be visualized. Empirical rate decides the next segment's decision rate. These statistics can be easily measured and displayed using GIMI tools.[[br]]
     59For further details, contact Prof. Michael Zink at