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    5050Implementation of IP forwarding by setting up static routing in a 3-node topology. The goal is to explore the ping and route applications. Static routing is set up by using route command on the middle node. An OMF script is used to execute ping between first node and last node via the middle node, to verify the correctness of IP forwarding. Students will be using LabWiki on top of the GENI testbed to carry out this assignment.[[br]]
    5151For further details, contact Prof. Michael Zink at
     53== Load Balancer ==
     54Implementation of a load balancer using OpenFlow switches. This course module uses a six-node topology. The goal is to implement a load-balancing OpenFlow controller capable of collecting flow status data from OpenFlow switches. The collected statistics will be used to route traffic between dissimilar network paths and achieve full network utilization. OpenFlow Virtual Switches (OVS) will be used to serve the purpose and OpenFlow controller will be implemented using Trema. A template is already available for the controller. Only a few methods need to implemented to get the required functionality.[[br]]
     55For further details, contact Prof. Michael Zink at