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UGREE-GENI: Understanding GENI InfRastructures for ComputEr Networking and Security Experiments

Technical Contacts

PI: Kaiqi Xiong : kxxics at
Co-PI: Yin Pan
Co-PI: Yong Guan
Co-PI: Bing Wang

Participating Organizations

RIT - Rochester Institute of Technology
Iowa State University
University of Connecticut

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Niky Riga nriga at


The goal of this project is to promote the GENI community and understand GENI infrastructures for research and educational experiments. This project will explore the opportunity for students and researchers to have the ability to conduct large-scale and realistic research and educational experiments via GENI resources such as ExoGENI and InstaGENI, instead of performing research experiments in a small-scale network such as a campus network backbone.

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