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GENI Science Shakedown

Technical Contacts

PI Paul Ruth pruth at
Co-PI Anirban Mandal anirban at
Co-PI Jeffrey L Tilson jtilson at
Co-PI Brian Blanton bblanton at

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GPO Liaison System Engineer

Niky Riga nriga at


Evaluate GENI’s ability to support domain science applications. Build tool(s) that allow domain scientists with high-throughput and high-performance applications to configure their GENI topologies based on high-level descriptions of their application needs. Applications will be drawn from the Computational Genomics and Storm Surge prediction domains.

Domain science experiments ported to GENI

  • Report on experiences with porting and running domain science experiments on GENI, including performance studies.
  • Develop a tool that translates high-level descriptions of domain science network requirements to GENI rspecs suitable for use with GENI tools and support early adopters. The tool will be designed with experience gained from initial work with domain scientists to deploy their applications.
  • Run “shakedown experiments” that evaluate GENI’s ability to support high-performance applications, “bigdata” experiments, and tightly-coupled MPI-based applications.
  • Updated report on experiences with porting and running domain science experiments on GENI, including performance studies. Suggestions for improving GENI tools and services.
  • Report on experiences of scientists running domain science experiments on GENI.

Current Capabilities


GEC18 Milestone
GEC19 Milestone
GEC20 Milestone

Spiral 5

Project Technical Documents

Quarterly Status Reports

  • GEC23 Report


  • ScienceCloud


  • GEC18
  • GEC19
  • GEC20
  • GEC21
  • GEC22 Plenary Session Predicting a Storm’s Landfall and Impact slides, Paul Ruth and Brian Blanton, RENCI
  • GEC23 Domain Science in GENI - Anirban Mandal from Renci will talk about his experiences working with domain scientists from different disciplines that usually run their experiments in HPC, to help them deploy their experiments on GENI
  • GEC23 Evening Demos - Anirban Mandal
  • ScienceCloud

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