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Available Images

Base Image ExoGENI ProtoGENI
Storage Depot ExoGENI N/A
Phoebus Gateway ExoGENI N/A
XSP Daemon N/A N/A

Example RSpec

  • This example shows how to use the disk_image element to load the Storage Depot image on an ExoGENI PC resource. Note that a 'version' string is used in the ExoGENI case. This string is the sha1 hash of the XML descriptor, and hashes for the image descriptors are available in the web directory of each image URL.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<rspec type="request"
  <node client_id=node0" component_manager_id=""  exclusive="false" >
    <sliver_type name="m1.large">
     <disk_image name="" version="7d3e6e151270d1a4b9ed6330952c7deb1a094796"/>
    <interface client_id="node0:if0">
      <ip address="" netmask="" />

Specifying an image within Flack

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