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IDMS Experiment in GENI

The persistent IDMS experiment allows other users to attach at shared VLAN sites, granting access to the available storage resources. Users may then upload and download their experiment data using a set of client tools. IDMS provides:

  • A custom RSpec that configures a node to access the IDMS experiment
  • Nodes use DHCP to lease an address within the IDMS data plane subnet
  • Automatically installed client tools to upload/download data to available storage nodes

Base Experiment Topology

Shared VLANs at Stanford, Utah, Illinois, ig BBN and eg BBN

  • Stitching between the shared VLAN sites to create a cross-country data plane
  • Phoebus Gateways on ProtoGENI backbone nodes for external access to the experiment and to improve WAN transfer performance
  • DHCP server at illinois-ig -
Layer2 example topology


In order to attach external user to base experiment. You need to reserve resources. You can use either Flack or Omni to do that. If you haven't used any of these tools before, please go through the introductory tutorials first.

Step 1: Create Slice

Create the slice in the project. Name the slice something like xxxxIdmsUser.

     omni createslice <slice_name> -r <project_name>

Step 2: Reserve Resources

  1. Download the rspec . For more information on rspec refer Inside rspec

  1. Base experiment can only be joined at shared VLAN nodes. Currently shared VLAN nodes are at
    • stanford-ig
    • utah-ig
    • illinois-ig
    • ig-bbn
  1. Select aggregate manager from list above.
       omni createsliver -a <aggregate_manager> <slice_name> <path_to_rspec_file> -r <project_name>
  1. Poll the resource status to make sure overall 'geni_status' is 'ready'
       omni sliverstatus -a <aggregate_manager> <slice_name> -r <project_name>
  1. If 'geni_status' is not 'ready' try using another aggregate manager

Step 3: login to Reserved Host

  1. To download / upload data on the storage node login to reserved resource. If you are unaware of this, please follow instruction here
  2. Test configuration : DHCP server allocate ip to each resource connected to base experiment. To ensure your reserved resource is connected to idms base experiment data plane, ping the DHCP server.

Inside rspec

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