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    105105== Converting a running ExoGENI image for use on ProtoGENI ==
    107 TODO
     107 * To complete this process, you need an account on a given site's Emulab instance.  For instance, at Utah, information can be found at []
     108 * Create a sliver with an EG node you would like to convert.  Make sure the running image has the minimum dependencies as described above.
     109 * Once logged in, follow these steps:
     111 1. Under "My Emulab" -> "Profile" tab -> "Edit SSH Keys", find your SSH key in the list.  Copy that key to the EG node you would like to convert to /home/USER/.ssh/authorized_keys   The Emulab conversion script will use this key and only this key when contacting your EG node.
     112 2. Under "List ImageIDs", click the option for "Import an Amazon EC2 Instance Image"
     113 3. Fill in the form.
     114  a. Note: the "EC2 User@Node Info:" field.  This should be of the form 'USER@IP', where IP is the public address of your running EG node.
     115  a. Select "Shared" so the metadata URL will be made public.
     116 4. Watch the displayed progress as the conversion takes place.  If the process fails with tar errors, you are most likely out of disk space (over quota) on