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Hybrid Cloud Experiments with GENI for Multi-site Opt-in Use Cases

Technical Contacts

PI: Prasad Calyam calyamp at
Co-PI: Ray Leto rleto at
Co-PI: Naethan Eagles neagles at

Participating Organizations

University of Missouri

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Niky Riga nriga at


Advanced manufacturing design today requires iterative and collaborative work among multi-site engineering experts in fluid, thermal and structure analyses. Small companies and trainees entering this field need access to very expensive high-end simulation capabilities, and collaboration is most effective when executed in real-time using access to high-performance and public-private cloud computing resources connected via low-latency, high-bandwidth networks.

This project leverages the GENI infrastructure, the City of Dublin’s (Ohio) GENI Rack and fiber and TotalSim’s expertise in modeling and simulation services to implement a cloud-based simulation-as-a-service platform. The ultimate aim of this project is to transform how professionals and trainees can leverage GENI capabilities to make and learn-about advanced manufacturing components through “city-supported simulation-as-a-service apps” based on hybrid cloud resource and software access. GENI experiments in this project will include multi-site opt-in users and studies on user productivity, performance and experiences using these simulation-as-a-service apps.

Depending on the results, we would try to publish our findings to a major Conference or Journal.

The IP involved in relationships with the industry partners will be handled by the PI through individual approvals. The PI will work with these partners to determine what company proprietary information can be shared with the GENI community.

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IEEE/IFIP IM 2015 Research Paper

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