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Prototype GENI Multi-Services Network Exchange

Technical Contacts

PI: Joe J Mambretti j-mambretti at

Participating Organizations

International Center for Advanced Internet Research(iCAIR)/Northwestern University

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Heidi Dempsey hpd at


This project will provide an implementation of the key software and hardware components of a layer 2 SDN/OpenFlow exchange between GENI layer 2 network resources and other research networks. Provide tools for experimenters to request and receive resources from the exchange that are fully integrated with GENI standard interfaces such as the GENI clearinghouse, the GENI AM API, GENI stitching AMs, and the GENI Commercial Software Defined Exchange Point. Integrate provided GENI tools with experimenter tools from other participating networks. Demonstrate one functioning exchange with at least two research network partners, two data-intensive science campuses, and multiple experimenters on multiple participating layer 2 networks. Publish an API as an option for third party integration with the functioning exchange (taking into consideration that such entities may have there own methods for integeration). Deploy two additional exchanges, based on the revised initial implementation.

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