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Experimenting With Persistent Live Video Streaming Service

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PI: Parmesh Ramanathan parmesh at
Co-PI: Kuang-Ching Wang kwang at

Participating Organizations

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Clemson University

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Niky Riga nriga at


Imagine a world where University lectures and research seminars are routinely transmitted as live video streams for contemporaneous viewing by a large number of users on the Internet. Or imagine a world where individuals or small organizations can effortlessly transmit live video streams of their local (e.g., kids soccer game) at any time to be viewed by a small but sizeable number of interested users over the Internet. Today, live video streaming is possible but requires significant custom engineering to assure each viewing site’s performance. As a result, only events of wide interest are streamed live on the Internet. Examples include live streaming of college football games by ESPN and webinars of broad interests, and it is understood that the viewing quality would be unpredictable based on time and location. While there are more and more open source streaming software available for anyone to produce live video streams, the lack of awareness and control of the network quality between the streaming source and viewing sites remains a major bottleneck to easy and wide support of live video streaming. Today, stored video streaming is readily available and very popular, e.g., approximately 72 hours worth of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Making possible a similar easy-to-use service for live video streaming is likely to have broad impact on the society.

The main goal of the proposed project is to deploy a persistent live video streaming service using the capabilities of the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) network. It will allow any user (organization or individual) accessible to the GENI network to stream a live video through this service. Such users can also search, select, and watch an ongoing live video of their choice at any time. To demonstrate the service, multiple live video sessions from UW-Madison and the Clemson University campuses will be streamed through this service. The project investigators will also recruit other University campuses and/or high schools to participate in the service. Likewise, the project investigators will encourage GENI participants and their colleagues to use this service to watch live video streams. During the project, we will report on experiences implementing services on GENI and providing access to the services to users outs ide of GENI, along with suggestions for improving GENI tools and services. We will also gather feedback from the users of our system about their experience in using a service deployed in GENI. Depending on the results, we would try to publish our findings to a major Conference or Journal.

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