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Tuesday, October 28


Launch of GENI Spiral 1

Welcome & Spiral 1 Intro - Chip Elliott, GPO

Control Framework

Spiral 1 Control Framework Overview - Aaron Falk, GPO
Cluster D Intro (ORCA/BEN) - Jeff Chase, Duke
Cluster E Intro (Orbit) - Marco Gruteser, Rutgers
Cluster B Intro (PlanetLab) - Larry Peterson, Princeton
Cluster C Intro (ProtoGENI) - Rob Ricci, Utah
Cluster A Intro (DETER) - John Wroclawski, USC/ISI

Welcome to GEC3 Participants

Selected Project Talks (End-to-End Slicing)

Spiral 1 End-to-End Overview - Heidi Picher Dempsey, GPO
BEN Overview - Ilia Baldine, RENCI
Vehicular Mobile Network Overview - Brian Levine, UMass Amherst
SPP Overview - Jon Turner, Washington Univ.

Workshop Reports

Opt-In Workshop Report - Craig Partridge, BBN
NetSE Report - Ellen Witte Zegura, Georgia Tech

NLR and Internet2 Connectivity Briefings

Internet2 Infrastructure and Services to Support GENI Projects - Rick Summerhill, Internet2
NLR Connectivity and Services for GENI - Matt Mathis, PSC
The Quilt - Jen Leasure, The Quilt

Control Framework Team Breakout Meetings

Wednesday, October 29

Control Framework Working Group Session

Instrumentation and Measurement for GENI - Joel Sommers, Colgate University
Agenda - Harry Mussman, GPO
SE Report - Harry Mussman, GPO

Opt-in Working Group Breakout Session

Agenda - Harry Mussman, GPO
SE Report - Harry Mussman, GPO

Substrate Working Group Breakout Session


SE Report - John Jacob, GPO

Thursday, October 30

Experimental Workflow Working Group Breakout Session

OMIS Working Group Breakout Session

GENI 2008 Operations Security Internship summary

Asia Report

EU Report

OpenFlow Demo

Feedback on GPO

GPO Funding for Solicitation 2

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