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     1= Tutorial on OnTimeMeasure Capabilities for Experimenters =
     2'''Yingxiao Xu, Prasad Calyam'''[[BR]]
     3'''January 31, 2012'''
     5''Software License:'' [ ''GENI Project License (GPL)'']
     7This is a step-by-step installation and hands-on tutorial of using OnTimeMeasure with Emulab Java UI
     9== 1. Pre-requisites ==
     10You must have an account setup on one of the emulab aggregates.  If you have not account, you can access and clicking on the "Request Account" button to apply for an account. Please note that it may take a while for approval of your account in emulab.
     12You browser must be Java enabled. If not, please download and install it in
     14== 2. Login ==
     16Login by visiting - and click login button.
     17 [[Image(image001.png)]]
     20Enter email address and password, then click login.
     23== 3. Create Slice ==
     25Click the Experimentation/Begin an Experiment after login, you will get UI below.
     27 [[Image(image002.png)]]
     29Click "New GUI editor" link,  if the following dialog appears, click  "OK" button.
     31 [[Image(image003.png)]]
     33you will get UI to create slice.
     35 [[Image(image004.png)]]
     39Drag the Node button to the  panel.  Set Name of the node, Input  FEDORA8-STD as OS.
     41 [[Image(image005.png)]]
     44Repeat the operation to create at least 3 nodes. Move the mouse beside  the node till a wire appears. Drag to other nodes to create links
     46 [[Image(image006.png)]]
     48When all nodes and links are created ,  choose File/Create New Experiment menu.
     50  [[Image(image007.png)]]
     53In the dialog, give a name and description of the test slice. Select”Swap in immediately”
     55  [[Image(image008.png)]]
     58A summary will appear after the creation finished.
     60 [[Image(image009.png)]]
     62Click the link of the Name, wait till status of all nodes become up.(It may needs several minutes to half minutes)
     66 [[Image(image010.png)]]
     68 [[Image(image011.png)]]
     70 [[Image(image012.png)]]
     72== 4. Install OnTimeMeasure RootBeacon ==
     74Select a node as Root Beacon ( i.e.  node 0  with domain name
     76 Login to with SSH by enter in the following UI, and click "open"  button.
     78 [[Image(image013.png)]]
     81When first login, there would be an alert. Click "Yes" button.
     84 [[Image(image014.png)]]
     86Enter user name and password if it prompt.
     89Make a temple folder and get into the temp folder. Enter the following command to install the software.
     92tar xzf *.gz
     93tar xzf RootBeacon.tar.gz
     94cd RootBeacon/InstallScript
     96Enter yes, root, email and password when prompt the following:
     98Set slice password for the following.
     101The Root IP address will be displayed when the installation finished.  Write down the Root IP address(i.e.
     103Install OnTimeMeasure NodeBeacons
     104Login to with SSH by enter in the following UI, and click "open"  button.
     105Get into the demoinstall folder created in the last step.
     106Enter the following command to install NodeBeacon:
     108tar xzf NodeBeacon.tar.gz
     109cd NodeBeacon/InstallScript
     112The IP address will be displayed when the installation finished.
     113Write down the Node 1 IP address(i.e.
     118Repeat the installation for each nodes (i.e. by enter the following command in each Node.
     119cd NodeBeacon/InstallScript
     125The IP address will be displayed when the installation finished.
     126Write down the IP address of each node(i.e.  node2
     130Use Portal to manage and query measurement
     133Click Register
     136Input all the information and wait confirm email of administrator. Click login in  the portal. Enter the user name and password you registered.
     139Click the Login Button,  then click the "Manage measurements" button.
     142Int the Resource SETUP page, enter the information,  then click the "Specify Request" button.
     151The page will jump to Measurement Request Specification page.
     153Add the measurement task
     155Click  "Review Request" button
     158Click the "Submit Request" button.
     160Click the "Start" Button to start the measurement
     162Click the Query Data button to query data