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Cluster D Conference Call on October 29, 2009:

Cluster D conference call to review Spiral 2 roadmap, and related tasks, per attached files.
Thursday, 10/29, 3pm - 4:30pm EDT
At BBN Technologies, Cambridge

Conference bridge 866-453-5550 651 3886#
Webex to be announced

This will include both the existing (solicitation 1) and new (solicitation 2) Cluster D (ORCA) projects, and will be a chance for members of all projects to get to know one another. (See list below)


Ilia Baldine, Jeff Chase (phone)
Brian Levine, Brian Lynn
Prashant Shenoy, Michael Zink, David Irwin
Anish Aurora
Keren Bergman (phone), Franz Fidler (phone)

Chip Elliott, Aaron falk, Heidi Dempsey, Harry Mussman


3:00 Introductions and agenda review

10:05 Review of "Cluster D Spiral 2 roadmap"

ORCA features, documentation etc. Current release.

Status of clearinghouse

Demos at GEC6

VLAN/connectivity plan

Other issues?

4:30 Adjourn

Submitted by: Harry Mussman, GPO System Engineer