Cluster D Conference Call on October 29, 2009:

Cluster D conference call to review Spiral 2 roadmap, and related tasks, per attached files.
Thursday, 10/29, 3pm - 4:30pm EDT
At BBN Technologies, Cambridge

Conference bridge 866-453-5550 (or direct to +1 404-974-9843) 651 3886#
Webex to be announced

This will include both the existing (solicitation 1) and new (solicitation 2) Cluster D (ORCA) projects, and will be a chance for members of all projects to get to know one another. (See list below)


ORCA/BEN clearinghouse and aggregate (1582 & 1700) PI: Ilia Baldine, Jeff Chase, Chris Heermann, Yufeng Xin, Daniel Evans, Aydan Yumerefendi, Anirban Mandal, Varun Marupadi

IMF aggregate (1718) PI: Rudra Dutta, George Rouskas, Ilia Baldine, Keren Bergman

ERM measurements (1631) PI: Keren Bergman, Caroline Lai, Michael Wang

DOME aggregate (1599) PI: Brian Levine, Mark Corner, Brian Lynn

ViSE aggregate (1602) PI: Prashant Shenoy, Michael Zink, Deepak Ganesan, Jim Kurose, David Irwin

Cloud-control aggregate (1709) PI: Michael Zinc, Prashant Shenoy, Jim Kurose, David Irwin, Emmanuel Cecchet

Kansei aggregate (1633) PI: Anish Arora, Rajiv Ramnath, Hongwei Zhang

OKGems aggregate (1716) PI: Andy Li, Venkatesh Sarangan, Johnson Thomas, Nazanin Rahnavard, Weihua Sheng,

LEARN network (1733) PI: Deniz Gurkan, Yuhua Chen, Keren Bergman

iGENI (Starlight) Crossconnect (1719) PI: Joe Mambretti, Maxine Brown, Thomas A. DeFanti

GENI operations (including VM aggregate) PI: Heidi Dempsey, Nidhi Tare (VM aggregate), Josh Karlin (VLAN connectivity), Chaos Golubitsky (Ops)


3:00 Introductions and agenda review

3:15 "Cluster D Spiral 2 roadmap" (Harry Mussman)

3:30 "ORCA software releases, features, documentation, status (p/o roadmap)" (Ilia Baldine)

3:45 "Clearinghouse status (p/o roadmap)" (Ilia Baldine)

4:00 "Demos at GEC6" (Ilia Baldine and Nidhi Tare)

4:15 "VLAN/connectivity plan" (Josh Karlin)

Other topics or issues?

4:30 Adjourn

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Submitted by: Harry Mussman, GPO System Engineer

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