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netKarma: GENI Provenance Registry

Technical Contacts

PI: Beth Plale Beth Plale
Chris Small

Participating Organizations

Indiana University School of Informatics
Bloomington, IN 47405-7104

GPO Liason System Engineer

Christopher Small <Christopher Small>


The project will collect provenance of the data generated by GENI. The provenance of an experiment is its lineage or historical trace that can capture experiment conditions, time ordering, and relationships within the experiment and across the experiment and infrastructure layer. The project will develop a GENI Provenance Registry (netKarma) that will capture the workflow of GENI slice creation, topology of the slice, operational status and other measurement statistics and correlate it with the experimental data. NetKarma will allow researchers to see the exact state of the network and store configuration of the experiment and its slice.

Current Capabilities


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due 31Dec09: 4Q09 Status Report

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