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    7777=== Software ===
     79Version 2.5 (released August 26, 2011)
     81NetKarma version 2.5 builds on the NetKarma Adaptor and NetKarma visualization plug-ins for Cytoscape to provide more detailed provenance data from the GUSH logs of experiments run on GENI slices. In addition to extracting more detailed provenance from GUSH logs, version 2.5 of the NetKarma plug-in includes richer annotations of the provenance visualized and is more configurable by the user - allowing greater flexibility in visualizing and comprehending the provenance of an experiment. Version 2.5 also includes the NetKarma GMOC Adaptor which automates the annotation of NetKarma provenance graphs with network data from GMOC.
     83Features Added in Version 2.5:
     85    * Enhancements to the NetKarma Adaptor used to process GUSH logs and ingest the provenance of GENI experiments run on GUSH into the NetKarma Provenance System.
     86    * Enhancements to the NetKarma Cytoscape plug-in for NetKarma that includes more detailed provenance and the addition of annotations to processes, artifacts, and the edges that connect the processes and artifacts in the OPM graphs generated using NetKarma. This version of the visualization plug-in also has increased configurability by the user as to the details displayed when visualizing provenance graphs.
     87    * The new NetKarma GMOC Adaptor is being released which extracts additional metadata from the GMOC database and annotates the GUSH provenance graphs with data from the GMOC database. This Adaptor is configured to run as a background process and automatically annotates the provenance ingested into NetKarma without any additional steps required by GENI users.
     89The NetKarma Provenance System and the NetKarma GMOC Adaptor are running as a persistent service on servers at Indiana University. This allows GENI users to process a GUSH log through the NetKarma Adaptor and visualize the resulting provenance graph, including the automated GMOC annotations, without having to install the NetKarma server. To try out the NetKarma provenance visualization, GENI users can process their own GUSH logs or the sample log file included with the NetKarma adaptor.
     91Downloads for v2.5
     93    * [ NetKarma Version 2.5 Quick Start Guide]
     94    * [ NetKarma GUSH Adaptor Version 2.5]
     95    * [ NetKarma GUSH Adaptor Manual]
     96    * [ NetKarma Cytoscape Visualization Plug-In Version 1.1.0]
     97    * [ NetKarma Cytoscape Visualization Plug-In Manual]
     98    * [ NetKarma GMOC Adaptor Version 1.0.0]
     99    * [ NetKarma GMOC Adaptor Manual]
     101Version 2.0
     103Karma Adaptor is one of the collection tools that make up the Karma provenance collection toolkit to harvest provenance from log files. It uses a rule file specific to an application to map raw data into Karma specific provenance events. The provenance of the data is stored into a relational database which can be visualized through various plugins. The provenance data can be used by the researcher to analyze their data, allow for the suspension and resumption of an experiment and provide references to find the details and data collected in an experiment.
     105Downloads for v2.0
     107    * [ Karma Adaptor]
     108    * [ Karma Adaptor User Manual]
    79111Code to allow capture of provenance from GUSH [].  This code does not store events to the Karma system; it simply writes the provenance to a file that is then used to create a visual graph.