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    3636=== Current Capabilities ===
    38 netKarma demonstrated provenance capture from Gush at GEC 7.
     38The NetKarma Provenance Repository is an Axis2 Web service that resides on a server in the GENI Meta-Operations Center (GMOC), located at Indiana University.  It has a WSDL access API so provenance can be retrieved programmatically.  The persistent Axis2 web service is available at
     40The persistent Web Service provides both publish and query API to interact with the provenance repository to capture and browse provenance of GENI experiments.
     41The current capabilities include the ingestion of provenance information from the Gush experiment control tool.  The NetKarma project produced the GENI Adaptor software, which parses Gush log files to obtain provenance information.  Further information about the GENI Adaptor software is available at  With such capabilities, the persistent Web Service will enable GENI experimenters to capture data about experiments including: time ordering and relationships within the experiment, changes made between runs, and relationships between the experiment and control framework. 
     42The current capabilities also include the ability to query the persistent Karma Service for provenance of GENI experiment executions.  In turn, this will enable GENI experimenters show such provenance information in visualization such as Google Earth View.
     44We ask the community to contribute their GUSH logs through NetKarma project web site (  The project team will run the logs through the GENI Adaptor code and push the provenance into the NetKarma Provenance Repository.  This will help GENI experiments to access their provenance data using the NetKarma Web Service Query API for browsing and visualizing. 
     46Planned capacities:
     48The project team is currently working to process logs from the Raven provisioning service to obtain provenance information. This new capability will enable GENI experimenters capture provenance information such as experiment node locations, time of deployment of software packages and versions of software deployed.
     49The planned capabilities also include actively gathering information from the GMOC database. This will help the GENI experimenters relate the provenance on-the-fly to network measurements.
     51All this information will be accessible through the persistent axis2 Web service layer to the community.  Because provenance collection captures details about the experiment, it raises issues of privacy that we address by giving the experimenter control of when collection occurs.
     52Another planned capability is the visualization of the provenance graph generated from Gush experiment log files using the CytoScape visualization tool (
    4055=== Milestones ===