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     3== Project Number ==
     7== Project Title ==
     9netKarma: GENI Provenance Registry[[BR]]
     10a.k.a. NETKARMA
     12=== Technical Contacts ===
     14Beth Plale <>
     15Chris Small <>
     17=== Participating Organizations ===
     19[ Indiana University School of Informatics]
     20Bloomington, IN 47405-7104
     22=== GPO Liason System Engineer ===
     24Christopher Small <>
     26== Scope ==
     28The project will collect provenance of the data generated by GENI. The
     29provenance of an experiment is its lineage or historical trace that
     30can capture experiment conditions, time ordering, and relationships
     31within the experiment and across the experiment and infrastructure
     32layer. The project will develop a GENI Provenance Registry (netKarma)
     33that will capture the workflow of GENI slice creation, topology of the
     34slice, operational status and other measurement statistics and
     35correlate it with the experimental data. NetKarma will allow
     36researchers to see the exact state of the network and store
     37configuration of the experiment and its slice.
     39=== Current Capabilities ===
     41=== Milestones ===
     43Nov 16 (GEC 7):
     44• Create 3-5 page whitepaper describing our approach to integrating Karma and
     45GENI including description of problem, explanation of solution, how solution fits
     46in with GENI, and how it will be used.
     47Dec 31:
     48• Set up project web page
     49• Establish connections with relevant experimental tools projects
     50o GUSH PI: Jeannie Albrecht URL:
     52o RAVEN PI: John Hartman URL:
     54o Identify Year 2 projects with which to integrate, in consultation with the
     55GPO. The scope of the integration work will be on par with the level of
     56effort integrating with RAVEN and GUSH.
     57Mar 31:
     58• Demonstrate working version of netKarma ingesting from GUSH. Demo includes
     59simple display of provenance. Delivered at GEC-7.
     60Jul 31:
     61• Establish connections with relevant projects in Control Plane and Measurement
     62Plane such as the following. Produce plan for working with Control Plane and
     63Measurement Plane projects.
     64Sep 30:
     65• Deliver document on experience in gathering information from experimental tools
     66with any suggestions for additional information that could be collected that would
     67enhance the provenance record.
     68• Deliver netKarma User Document
     69• Deliver persistent prototype of provenance service hosted at Indiana University
     70that collects and serves experiment layer provenance. Prototype demo, which
     71will have support for Raven and GUSH, will be held at GEC-9 with venue/process
     72for soliciting user feedback.
     74[[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: S2.a)]] Short Milestone Description
     77== Project Technical Documents ==
     79=== Quarterly Status Reports ===
     81due 31Dec09: [wiki:ProjTemp-4Q09-status 4Q09 Status Report]
     83=== Spiral 2 Connectivity ===
     85=== Related Projects ===