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    6161'''Capturing the Provenance of an XSP Experiment'''
     63Network experiments based on the eXtensible Session Protocol (XSP) were identified in GEC13 as the second type of GENI experiments to be used for evaluating NetKarma.  Unlike the NS2 experiments where the provenance was captured for each packet being sent, in the XSP experiment, provenance capture focused on getting provenance from the annotated RSpec returned as the manifest when resources are requested and adding annotations based on performance measurements captured during the experiment.  Following discussions with Martin Swany (Indiana University) and Ezra Kissel (University of Delaware) at GEC143 and subsequent follow-up conversations, the provenance was captured for an XSP experiment executing a GridFRP transfer using Phoebus gateway nodes run on Emulab resources.  a NetKarma Adaptor was developed and incorporated into the NetKarma Portal that extracts provenance from the manifest, the log generated by XSP, and network bandwidth measurements taken using iperf.  Following is an illustration of the provenance captured from an XSP experiment:
     66This experiment was also used in the NetKarma tutorial at GEC14.  The Emulab resources were provisioned ahead of the tutorial, but then participants ran an XSP GridFTP transfer on those resources, generating the XSP log and iperf measurements, downloading the manifest for the resources being used, and then uploaded these 3 files to an experiment they defined in the NetKarma Portal and visualized the provenance through the Portal.
     68The provenance graph generated for the XSP experiment was also used as the sample provenance graph embedded in the proposed MDOD as described below.
    6570'''Proposed MDOD Schema Integrating Provenance'''