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    4343'''NetKarma Visualization and Adaptor Enhancements'''
     44Building on the work we presented at the GEC13 demo session on visualizing the provenance of experiments run on NS2, for GEC14 we developed an Adaptor for ingesting information from WiMAX experiments run on ORBIT and generating a provenance graph through NetKarma based on the Open Provenance Model (OPM) standard.  Since the NS2 experiment is running in a simulated environment, we were able to capture the provenance of each packet and whether it was successfully received or dropped.  In the ORBIT environment, such complete information is not available - we can determine what packets were sent, but not at a packet level which were successfully received and which were dropped.
     46Two of the goals of NetKarma are to: (1) provide experimenters with the provenance of their experiment based on the events that occurred in their experiment, and (2) to capture provenance while minimizing the additional instrumentation needed in an experiment to capture provenance; ideally with no additional instrumentation.  For ORBIT experiments run using the ORBIT traffic generator (OTG), the NetKarma adaptor can capture provenance wiht no additional instrumentation as illustrated in the following diagram.
     49As seen in this diagram, the provenance of an experiment run on ORBIT can be captured in NetKarma using the ORBIT NetKarma adaptor that ingests data that is already generated as part of the experiment.  This includes: (1) the script for the ORBIT experiment, (2) data retrieved using the OMF interface's "info" and "list clients" methods, and (3) data retrieved from the OML database.  The adaptor combines these data sources to generate event notification messages that are sent to the NetKarma server, where they are combined to create the annotated OPM graph for the experiment.