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NetKarma Report for the period ending GEC12 =======================

Beth Plale, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University Chris Small, InCNTRE, Indiana University

Summary ======

For the quarter ending with GEC13, we released the NetKarma portal which allows experimentors to easily add and retrieve experimental data from the NetKarma provenance archive. The NetKarma Portal is integrated with the NetKarma Provenance System and provides a persistent service on servers at Indiana University to enable GENI experimentors to help understand the conditions of their experiment.


Deliverables ======== Demonstration of the provenance system with WiMax. Written report (document or web page) on possible improvements to NetKarma to improve its utility and usability. We may have a person from the GPO repeat this experiment and evaluate NetKarma in the context of this experiment; provide reasonable support to this person. For the above experiment, show how the measurement data object descriptor may be populated automatically to point to provenance information such as software scripts/programs used by the experiment and possibly information about the execution environment that you collect from the GMOC. Written plan to work with a second experiment/experimenter for evaluation of the provenance system. Work with the GENI I&M community to define a standardized GENI event records. These records describe events of interest to the experiment such as failures, assignment/release of resources, etc. Present an initial schema design at GEC13.

The NetKarma Portal provides a easy way to:

  • Create a new experiment,pointed to by a universial handle (DOI or ARK)
  • Capture experiment workflow information from log files
  • Integrate GENI topology information

We have continued to engage with the Measurement and Instrumentation team led by Harry Mussman and presented a lightening talk on provenance and initial thoughts on the MDOD at the I&M session at GEC12.

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