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     95At GEC13 we presented a demo and poster on the visualizations of the WiMAX experiment results based on NS2.  A number of GENI participants stopped by the demo and we discussed the purpose of provenance as a record of the experiment and application of provenance as a tool for analyzing and visualizing experiment results.  Although reproducibility of experiment results is often cited as a goal for provenance, the experimenters we talked with at GEC13 were more interested in whether it could be used to assist them in comparing experiment runs or visualizing results (as we have done in the WiMAX experiments).  In further discussions with the researchers from Clemson, they noted that the visualizations were excellent and such visualizations would be very useful for posters or proposal materials.  For the WiMAX experiment used in this evaluation, the researchers are now looking at moving it to the ORBIT testbed.  We have been working on extracting provenance from the ORBIT Measurement Library (OML).  In the WiMAX tutorial at GEC13 we talked with one of the researchers working on the ORBIT testbed at Rutgers University regarding different approaches that could be used with ORBIT to extract the information we need to construct provenance for WiMAX experiments running on ORBIT; such as through Ruby scripts that ORBIT uses or defining a pre-packaged OML schema that researchers could use.
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