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    1717== Milestones Delivered ==
    19 __S4b.1 Demonstration of the provenance system with WiMAX DDoS Experiments__
     19__S4b.1 Demonstration of the provenance system being used with a GENI experiment identified in Milestone 1__
    2020Using the MiMAX DDoS experiments at Clemson which were identified as a case for evaluating the provenance captured and visualized using NetKarma we showed how the provenance of packets successfully transferred and the inferred provenance of packets dropped can be used to provide visualizations of individual experiment runs; providing network researchers with a new approach to analyzing their experiment results. At GEC13 we presented both a poster and a live demo of the provenance captured from the DDoS experiments we reran based on the research done by GENI researchers at Clemson University.  An additional outcome of this evaluation of NetKarma is a new NetKarma adaptor that can be used to capture provenance of experiments run on the NS2 simulator used in the Clemson experiments (and can be applied to any NS2 experiments).  An enhanced NetKarma plug-in for Cytoscape that contains new visualization algorithms for visualizing the provenance of NS2 experiments was also released (version 1.2.1).  Both the adaptor and visualization plug-in, along with updated software documentation, are available on the NetKarma wiki.