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    8282__NetKarma Evaluation Based on WiMAX and Provenance Capture/Visualization Enhancements__
    8384Using the WiMAX DDoS attack research from Clemson as a GENI experiment as a basis for evaluation of provenance capture and visualization using NetKarma, we have rerun selected configurations from their research that varied the parameters identified as most significant based on their research while keeping the other parameters constant.  Since their experiments utilized the NS2 simulator, we developed a NetKarma adaptor that can ingest provenance based on NS2 trace logs and an NS2 extension we have made available to capture the network topology.  This new adaptor can be used with other NS2 experiments to ingest provenance into NetKarma (and is not specific to the Clemson experiments).  The adaptor and documentation are available on the NetKarma wiki.  To visualize the provenance of packet transfers (and infer packets dropped) in NS2 experiments, the NetKarma visualization plug-in for Cytoscape was extended with new NS2 visualization algorithms and along with updated documentation is available on the NetKarma wiki as version 1.2.1 of the visualization plug-in.  The visualization plug-in enhancements allow the packet transfers to be viewed at different levels of granularity as illustrated in the demo and [ poster] we presented at GEC13.