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    1212For the quarter ending with GEC13, we released the NetKarma portal which allows experimentors to easily add and retrieve experimental data from the NetKarma provenance archive. The NetKarma Portal is integrated with the NetKarma Provenance System and provides a persistent service on servers at Indiana University to enable GENI experimentors to help understand the conditions of their experiment. The NetKarma links the experiment workflow data obtained from tools such as GUSH to representations of the experiment's GENI topology, the GENI Instramentation and Measurement systems, and log term data archives. NetKarma links all of these systems together to simplify the complexity of running an experiment on the GENI framework.
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    1514In the plan for evaluating NetKarma we had identified experiments being performed in GENI by researchers at Clemson University on distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in WiMAX as a means to evaluate the provenance being captured by Karma.  Since GEC12 we have implemented their experiment, and using the standard trace log that is generated and an extension we added to capture the experiment topology, we are able to harvest detailed provenance about their experiment.  The DDoS experiments measure the change in throughput as a set of network parameters are varied, resulting in over 700 different configurations being tested.  Using the provenance captured from the logs for each packet that was successfully transferred, and the inferred provenance of packets that were dropped, the NetKarma visualization plug-ins can be used to visualize the throughput and packets dropped as shown in Figure __ below.  In addition, the NetKarma visualization plug-n for Cytoscape enables researchers to view the provenance at different levels of granularity as shown in Figure __.  We shared the visualization plugin and provenance graphs generated with the researchers at Clemson and they noted that NetKarma allows them to visualize and compare individual runs whereas previously their analysis was based on ANOVA calculations at an aggregate level.  At GEC13 we presented a demo that visualized the provenance based on our runs of Clemson's experiment to show how provenance can be used to visualize results and is valuable for communicating the results of GENI experiments to other researchers.
    56 === Experimental WorkFlow using the NetKarma Portal ===
     55__Experimental WorkFlow using the NetKarma Portal__
    5857An experimentor creates an experimental handle to reference from the front page of the NetKarma portal. Any data products from the experiment can be uploaded to NetKarma. All are stored as archives but some supported file types are parsed and additional information gathered.