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     3= NetKarma Project Status Report =
     5Period: 4Q09
     6== I. Major accomplishments ==
     8=== A. Milestones achieved ===
     9''__Project Web Page:__''
     10documents activities in the !NetKarma project. This page will link to future
     11documentation and code developed for !NetKarma. An internal wiki has also
     12been created to allow for internal documentation of our test infrastructure and
     15''__Integration partners:__'' We established communication with John Hartmann,
     16University of Arizona, on Raven, and Jean Albrecht, Williams College, on GUSH.
     17This initial stage has been one of relationship building and gaining a better
     18understanding of the monitoring and logging support these tools provide.
     20=== B. Deliverables made ===
     21As per our milestones, we delivered a whitepaper on Karma at the termination of
     22GEC6. The whitepaper can be found at
     24deliverable Plale-Small.pdf
     26== II. Description of work performed during last quarter ==
     28=== A. Activities and findings ===
     29''__Karma scalability improvements:__'' We developed a workload generator that can
     30generate large amounts of provenance information. The workload we are using
     31is made up of a collection of scientific workflows that were gathered from a
     32survey we conducted. The workload generator generates pseudo-realistic
     33provenance information using process execution times and data product sizes
     34derived from real workflows. We are using this workload generator to build a
     35multi-Gigabyte database of provenance information and using it to test the
     36provenance server’s ingest speeds, query performance, and the overall
     37scalability of the data storage server.
     39''__Development Area:__'' Created a development area with installations of the GUSH
     40and Raven software. Using an existing !Planetlab slice to create client side logs
     41for possible ingestion into the !NetKarma framework. Restored Indiana University
     42Planetlab site to working condition.
     43=== B. Project participants ===
     44During this time, key participants in the !NetKarma project included:
     45  * Beth Plale, PI
     46  * Chris Small, Co-PI
     47  * Girish Subramanian, PhD student
     48  * Sharanya Chinnusamy, MS student
     49  * David Ripley, technical staff
     50  * Robert Ping, Project and Information Management
     51=== C. Publications (individual and organizational) ===
     52!NetKarma: GENI Provenance Registry Poster presented at the 6th GENI
     53Engineering Conference
     57__GENI Documents:__
     59Plale, B., Small, C., !NetKarma: a tool for obtaining a provenance-based record
     60of experimentation
     63deliverable Plale-Small.pdf
     64=== D. Outreach activities ===
     65This is the first quarter of the project; no outreach efforts to report.
     66=== E. Collaborations ===
     67Meeting with Prasad Calyam of the !OnTimeMeasure Spiral 2 Project. Discussed
     68future integration of measurement data captured by the !OnTimeMeasure
     69infrastructure into the !NetKarma provenance collection.
     70=== F. Other Contributions ===
     71The upcoming quarter will be spent developing instrumentation extensions to
     72Karma to ingest provenance from GUSH. This will likely be through building an
     73adapter that takes in log files, audit streams, and/or performance monitoring
     74streams, and sorts through the information, converting provenance-useful
     75information into messages using the Karma provenance tracking library.
     77We also need to set up a meeting with Christopher Small to discuss and identify
     78partners at the control plane layer.
     80We intend to release Karma 3.0 the first quarter of 2010. Karma v3.0 will
     81support instrumentation through Axis 2 handlers in addition to Java applications.
     82It will also include asynchronous communication using WS-Messenger, a
     83publish-subscribe system that is an implementation of latest WS-Notification
     84and WS-Eventing.
     86A demo of interoperability with GUSH is planned for GEC7 in March 2010.