Cluster D conference call on Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ilia Baldine RENCI

Harry Mussman GPO

Joe Mambretti Northwestern
Jim Chen

Emmanuel Cecchet UMass Amherst
Brian Lynn
David Irwin

Wenjie (Ohio State)

Denise Gurkan (Univ Houston)


1) Bella 2.1 release

+ Available!
+ Includes better 6509 driver structure, permits unit testing, better choice for modifying for use with 3750. Instructions coming soon.

  • Significant change from 1.2
  • Changes in protocol, so incompatible with old 1.1 brokers
  • Not really stable; don't recommend use for GEC7 demos

+ Putting up a new clearinghouse container, rel 2.1
+ RENCI will use 2.1 for GEC7 demo
+ Dave Irwin has ported his controller, using new substrate API. Will send out old (1.2) and new (2.1) controller code, so can diff.
+ New service manager with xml-rpc interface like ProtoGENI. Will be adding ProtoGENI certificates.
+ Adding Eucalyptus to setup VMs, and it should simplify deployment.

2) GEC7 demos by projects, per submitted requests

+ At Fitzpatrick center on Duke campus; Cluster D may be in large room off of the lobby.
+ Not changed from last call.
+ ORCA-BEN intend to demonstrate a distributed network management capability in a shared environment between universities that can ensure the operational success of experimenting at-scale using GENI enabled infrastructure for robust, comprehensive and distributed substrate monitoring and management. Our demo will focus on how to stop a slice in a coordinated and efficient fashion. It will include a researcher, university and a network provider collaborating together.
+ ViSE will demonstrate use of radars in ViSE in conjunction with their NLR VLAN.
+ DICLOUD will demonstrate archiving of sensor/radar data on Amazon EC2 instances incorporated into a slice's VLAN. The ViSE and Di-Cloud demonstrations will show the use of a NLR VLAN between UMass and Duke using streaming radar data. We will animate and display the radar data using a GoogleMaps?? interface, and archive the data to EC2 over a tunneled layer 2 connection using OpenVPN.
+ The UMass DOME demo will demonstrate our mobile testbed which allows researchers to run experiments on computers installed on buses which have a WiFi?? card, 900MHz radio, 3G modem and GPS installed on them. We will run an experiment which allow these computers to connect to open wireless access points and record their GPS coordinates. In addition, the experiment will use XTend 900MHz radios to forward GPS coordinates to other buses when a bus is not within range of a wireless access point.
+ The KanseiGenie? team will demonstrate a federated experiment that spans both Kansei and NetEye?? testbeds located at the Ohio State University and the Wayne State University. The federation will be done through the portal.
+ LEARN, IMF and ERM projects in collaboration with ORCA-BEN will demonstrate the a) Measurement Handler software b) Initial IMF framework software utilizing Measurement Handler software using BEN substrate by retrieving and publishing physical layer measurements from BEN Infinera DTN optical ROADMs and Polatis optical switches.
+ The ERM team will outline their project and demonstrate their current measurement capabilities on ORCA-BEN. In collaboration with the other teams involved in IMF, the ERM team will outline their project's progress as well as demonstrate their current measurement capabilities, specifically taking optical power measurements from the Polatis fiber switches on ORCA-BEN.
+ LEARN-1 project in collaboration with ORCA-BEN and IMF will demonstrate the measurement handler software retrieving measurements from Infinera DTN optical ROADMs on BEN network.
+ LEARN-2 project in collaboration with ORCA-BEN will demonstrate that an isolated ORCA instance has been created in Dr. Gurkan's Lab towards later integration with LEARN.
+ The iGENI demonstration at GEC7 will present the capabilities of flexible, programmable networks, including dynamic path provisioning among multiple sites and distances. The demonstration will showcase eight scenarios using a) static paths and programmable edge devices and b) programmable dynamic paths using static edge devices. Scenarios will include high performance protocol demonstrations at multiple distances, including one at 7 thousand miles, enabling researcher to dynamic adjust experimental testbeds for various distances among sites.

3) Cluster D meeting at GEC7

+ Iden can explain core of Bella 2.1 code, features.
+ Each project should review: current demo; roadmap for next six months; interesting directions
+ Cluster connectivity plan status by GEC7, and next steps
+ Cluster plan for joint experiments by GEC8; started

4) Connectivity plans:

+ Planning on a demo, RENCI, iGENI, UMass
+ Both first day, and plenary
+ VLAN now mapped from UMass, via NOX, to NLR FrameNet, to RENCI; tested.
+ Pending: x2 NLR FrameNet ports for Starlight approved; need to get to Starlight

  • Pending: UMass direct connection to NLR FrameNet
  • Pending: BBN will get Cisco 3750, which can be used later

+ NLR rolling out multipoint VLAN capability soon (done?)

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