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Cluster D conference call on Friday, July 2, 2010

Ilia Baldine (RENCI)

Jeff Chase (Duke)
Harry Mussman (GPO)

Joe Mambretti (Northwestern)
Jim Chen

Mike Zink (UMass)
Brian Lynn
David Irwin

Denise Gurkan (Univ Houston)

Keren Bergman (Columbia)
Onjin (Oklahoma)

Wenjie (Ohio State)

Hongwei (Wayne State)


1) Connectivity to Wayne State and Ohio State
+ Joe: Cluster D can do multi-campus demos. Building on it, by adding campuses. Next: Wayne State and Ohio State. Fibers from 6509 to MERIT, then VLANs to Wayne State and Ohio State. Do it soon, motivated by GEC8: next week.

  • Hongwei: Wayne State IT indicates all ready, but need info
  • Wenjie: Connection from MERIT to OARNet complete; expect connection up by GEC8

2) GENI Solictation 3:
+ Ilia: 20 confirmed sites, perhaps 5 more. Total of 36 to 37 racks. Questionaire for sites, including connectivity to rack. High-level overview, more detailed architecture, to be sent out soon, within a week. Vendor not yet selected, under discussion

  • David: Needs space, power estimates for IT
  • Joe: Also working with HP initiative, Rick McGeer. Join RENCI effort? Possible
  • Jeff: Did speak with Rick McGeer; perhaps talk again
  • Denise: Room for customization of the racks? e.g., add physical layer measurement equipment
  • Ilia: Yes, will be space. But, funding an issue
  • Mike: Should consider adding measurement equipment
  • Ilia: Mailing list, soon

3) GEC8 demos
+ DICLOUD: yes
+ ViSE: yes
+ DOME: no
+ IMF: yes

  • OpenFlow demo RENCI
  • GIST Korea
  • Programmable router, on multiple site hosts, practice for GEC9

+ Kansei: yes; un cross-site demo, sensor nodes and latency through
+ OKGEM: yes, possibly controllable robot
+ LEARN: Integration of 3400 into LEARN, at Univ Houston and Rice; concerned about staff support.
+ iGENI: Joint provisioning, using switches at CALIT2. Needs to contact Heidi about VLAN connectivity to demo floor. Also, with HP, including open flow, pre cursor to GEC9

4) Workshop on resource representations at GEC8
+ Ilia, Yufeng, Rob Sheerwood speaking

5) Taking stock of known unresolved problems:
+ Ilia: Have published setup best practices. Have setup new clearinghouse.

  • Ilia: Open archive of GENI ORCA users messages archive. To do so, moving to Google service

Earlier B) GEC9 demo proposals, accepted:
a) Joe (Northwestern): iGENI, HP and Ericsson: video transcoding on clouds over dynamically provisioned networks. Prototype at GEC8. HP wants to include OpenFlow.
b) David (UMass): Now-casting (short-term weather forcasting), GEC7 demo plus more computation
c) Jeff Chase (Duke): Dynamically stand-up ASs with custom click routers