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     1Cluster D conference call on Friday, July 2, 2010[[BR]]
     4Attendees:   [[BR]]
     5Ilia Baldine  (RENCI)[[BR]]
     7Jeff Chase  (Duke)  [[BR]]
     9Harry Mussman  (GPO)  [[BR]]
     11Joe Mambretti (Northwestern)  [[BR]]
     12Jim Chen  [[BR]]
     14Mike Zink (UMass) [[BR]]
     15Brian Lynn[[BR]]
     16David Irwin[[BR]]
     18Denise Gurkan  (Univ Houston)
     20Keren Bergman  (Columbia) [[BR]]
     22Onjin  (Oklahoma)  [[BR]]
     24Wenjie (Ohio State)  [[BR]]
     26Hongwei (Wayne State)[[BR]]
     28Agenda:  [[BR]]
     301) Connectivity to Wayne State and Ohio State[[BR]]
     31+  Joe:  Cluster D can do multi-campus demos.  Building on it, by adding campuses.  Next:  Wayne State and Ohio State.  Fibers from 6509 to MERIT, then VLANs to Wayne State and Ohio State.  Do it soon, motivated by GEC8:  next week.[[BR]]
     32-  Hongwei:  Wayne State IT indicates all ready, but need info[[BR]]
     33-  Wenjie:  Connection from MERIT to OARNet complete;  expect connection up by GEC8[[BR]]
     352) GENI Solictation 3:[[BR]]
     36+ Ilia:  20 confirmed sites, perhaps 5 more. Total of 36 to 37 racks.  Questionaire for sites, including connectivity to rack.  High-level overview, more detailed architecture, to be sent out soon, within a week.  Vendor not yet selected, under discussion[[BR]]
     37-  David: Needs space, power estimates for IT[[BR]]
     38-  Joe:  Also working with HP initiative, Rick McGeer.  Join RENCI effort?  Possible[[BR]]
     39-  Jeff:  Did speak with Rick McGeer;  perhaps talk again[[BR]]
     40-  Denise:  Room for customization of the racks?  e.g., add physical layer measurement equipment[[BR]]
     41-  Ilia:  Yes, will be space.  But, funding an issue[[BR]]
     42-  Mike:  Should consider adding measurement equipment[[BR]]
     43-  Ilia:  Mailing list, soon[[BR]]
     453) GEC8 demos  [[BR]]
     46+  DICLOUD:  yes[[BR]]
     47+  ViSE:  yes[[BR]]
     48+  DOME:  no[[BR]]
     49+  IMF:  yes[[BR]]
     50+  ORCA/BEN:[[BR]]
     51-  OpenFlow demo RENCI[[BR]]
     52-  GIST Korea[[BR]]
     53-  Programmable router, on multiple site hosts,  practice for GEC9[[BR]]
     54+  Kansei:  yes;  un cross-site demo, sensor nodes and latency through [[BR]]
     55+  OKGEM:  yes, possibly controllable robot[[BR]]
     56+  LEARN:  Integration of 3400 into LEARN, at Univ Houston and Rice;  concerned about staff support.[[BR]]
     57+  iGENI:  Joint provisioning, using switches at CALIT2.  Needs to contact Heidi about VLAN connectivity to demo floor.  Also, with HP, including open flow, pre cursor to GEC9[[BR]]
     594)  Workshop on resource representations at GEC8[[BR]]
     60+  Ilia, Yufeng, Rob Sheerwood speaking[[BR]]
     625) Taking stock of known unresolved problems:[[BR]]
     63+  Ilia:  Have published setup best practices.  Have setup new clearinghouse.[[BR]]
     65-  Ilia:  Open archive of GENI ORCA users messages archive.  To do so, moving to Google service[[BR]]
     69Earlier B)  GEC9 demo proposals, accepted: [[BR]]
     70a)  Joe (Northwestern):  iGENI, HP and Ericsson:  video transcoding on clouds over dynamically provisioned networks.  Prototype at GEC8.  HP wants to include OpenFlow. [[BR]]
     71b)  David (UMass):  Now-casting (short-term weather forcasting), GEC7 demo plus more computation [[BR]]
     72c)  Jeff Chase (Duke):  Dynamically stand-up ASs with custom click routers      [[BR]]