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     1Cluster D call on Thursday, January 21, 2010
     5Ilia Baldine
     7Andy Li
     9Brian Lynn
     11David Irwin
     13Emmanuel Cecchet
     15Deniz Gurkan
     17Harry Mussman
     19Hongwei Zhang
     21Xi Lu
     23Keren Bergman
     25Joe Mambretti
     351)  Upcoming software release
     39+  On track to do committed features
     41-  Except for Shibboleth
     43+  Made plugins less VM independent.
     44+  New API to build better policies for substrates, particularly beyond VMs
     45+  Local (actor) regsitry to see available actors.
     47+  Easy lease cancellation
     49Hongwei:  Broker interaction features?  e.g., delegate?
     50Jeff:  Not committed. (not included in roadmap)
     531b)  Clearinghouse issues
     55Need to resend password
     57Can restart clearinghouse
     58Can we reset individul actors (brokers)?  No now;  can this be added?
     60Probably no need to update clearinghouse code, since latest changes do not affect brokers
     62When there are issues, enter a ticket
     642)  GEC7 demos
     66Note:  Projects should correct and epand this list.
     68LEARN:  Use RENCI/BEN's Infinera DTNs for the demonstration of the measurement handler software together with IMF project.  Remote connect to local ORCA;  by GEC8, control LEARN
     70KanseiGenie:  Instrument Kansei.  For regression analysis of wireless link properties, demonstrate the use of the two testbeds Kansei and NetEye through a unified user interface.
     72ViSE:  VLAN connections from sensors, through NLR, to RENCI or EC2.
     74DOME:  Management interface, 900-MHz radios,...
     76IMF:  Gather data from BEN, distribute with Pub-Sub system
     78ORCA/BEN:  Connect multiple sites via NLR, e.g., demo floor to ?
     80iGENI:  Provisioning two 10Gbps links, Starlight via NLR to RENCI.  Dynamic provisioning of the paths.  Novel high-performance protocols.
     83Towards extended Cluster D connectivity.
     84Direct fiber from Starlight to Ohio State, and other sites. 
     85Will be using QinQ to mitigate numbering issues.
     883)  NDL workshop
     91ORCA/BEN first to use ontological approach to provisioning, not just network planning.
     92Richness of existing tools is an advantage.
     94NDL workshop after GEC7, 3/18pm.     Explain apporach, advantages.  Use cases.
     95To prepare, short webex in early Feb.    All are welcome.  Ilia will send doodle, invite.
     984)  Issues, problems, concerns
     100Joe:  Useful to have periodic Cluster D calls, e.g., every two weeks.
     101Ilia:  Will plan for every two weeks, perhaps this time on Thursday, send doodle and invite.
     103Deniz:  Instantiating ORCA in lab, and write 3750 drivers.  Starting with 6509 drivers.  Any other resources?
     104Ilia:  There is a template driver, but 6509 driver is perhaps the closest.
     105Jeff:  Drivers close to handler.   If switch presents a reasonable interface, then do not need a driver.
     106Harry:  How does this work?  What functions where?
     107Ilia:  Will send some info.
     108Jeff:  High level abstraction is in the handler.
     109Harry:  Interested 3750, NEC switches here.
     1135)  Interactions between projects and GPO
     115Harry:  PIs and delegates should input more directly to wiki;  will send instructions.
     116Harry:  Will put early agenda for Cluster D meetings on wiki.