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Cluster D conference call on Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ilia Baldine RENCI
Yufeng Xin
Jeff Chase Duke

Joe Mambretti Northwestern
Jim Chen

Harry Mussman

Brian Lynn UMass Amherst
Mike Zink
David Irwin

Xi (Wayne State)
Wenjie Zeng (Ohio State)

Shade EL-Hadik (Univ Houston)


1) 1.2 release

+ Relatively stable

  • Issues with runtime directories, can't tell if bug, giving workaround

2) 2.1 release coming soon

  • Siginificant change from 1.2
  • Changes in protocol, so incompatible with old 1.1 brokers

+ Putting up a new clearinghouse container, rel 2.1
+ RENCI will use 2.1 for GEC7 demo

3) Connectivity for demos

+ Planning on a demo, RENCI, iGENI, UMass
+ Both first day, and plenary
+ BBN will map VLAN, from UMass to BBN, to NLR FrameNet (which now terminates at RENCI)
+ Overall path: from UMass, through NOX, to BBN, through NOX, through NLR Framenet, to iGENI, to RENCI. + To setup path: David Irwin (UMass Amherst), Chaos Golubitsky (BBN), Chris Heermann (RENCI), Jim Chen (Northwestern)
+ Chris Heermann (RENCI) coordinates + Pending: UMass direct connection to NLR FrameNet
+ Pending: BBN will get Cisco 3750, which can be used later
+ Pending: x2 NLR FrameNet ports for Starlight

4) Demo from UMass to demo floor
+ Take CASA software, ship radar data via VLAN to demo floor, process data there, visualize on a map.

5) New milestone process
+ Reviewed email

6) NDL workshop
+ Towards future resource representation in GENI, many speakers
+ Call next week to prep for workshop

7) Next call: Feb 10, 3pm EST