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    8686c)  Switched (or pre-configured) VLANs using FrameNet service.  See [[  NLR FrameNet]]
    87  Pt-to-pt.   Multi-point?  If not now, when?  [[BR]]
    88  Setup using Sherpa service.  FrameNet/SHERPA is used to create dedicated static VLANs between sites with NLR access.  Exactly what is interface to Sherpa? [[BR]]
     87Location of PoPs:
     88 NLR-SEAT  Seattle, WA  [[BR]]
     89 NLR-SUNN  Sunnyvale, CA [[BR]]
     90 NLR-LOSA  Los Angeles, CA [[BR]]
     91 NLR-ALBU  Albuquerque, NM [[BR]]
     92 NLR-ELPA  El Paso, TX   [[BR]]
     93 NLR-HOUS  Houston, TX                  Serves LEARN [[BR]]
     94 NLR-TULS  Tulsa, OK                    Serves OKGems? [[BR]]
     95 NLR-BATO  Baton Rouge, LA [[BR]]
     96 NLR-JACK  Jacksonville, MS [[BR]]
     97 NLR-KANS  Kansas City, KS [[BR]]
     98 NLR-CHIC  Chicago, IL                  Serves Ohio State?              iGENI? [[BR]]
     99 NLR-CLEV  Cleveland. OH                Serves Ohio State?              Wayne State? [[BR]]
     100 NLR-BOST  Boston, MA                   Serves BBN, UMassAmherst [[BR]]
     101 NLR-NEWY  New York, NY [[BR]]
     102 NLR-PITT  Pittsburgh, PA [[BR]]
     103 NLR-PHIL  Philadelphia, PA [[BR]]
     104 NLR-WASH  Washington, DC   [[BR]]
     105 NLR-RALE  Raleigh, NC                  Serves RENCI, Duke [[BR]]
     106 NLR-ATLA  Atlanta, GA [[BR]]
     109 Pt-to-pt.   [[BR]]
     110 Ethernet interface has tag, but FrameNet does *not* provide any sort of VLAN translation or tunnelling support.  thus, the same tag number has to be used at both ends of the connection.  Total of approx 4000 tags. RENCI can assign up to 100 tags.   [[BR]]
     111 Setup using Sherpa service.  [[BR]]
    89112 BEN has used Sherpa to pre-configure VLANs.  See [[  Figure 6-4]]  [[BR]]
    90113 ORCA plans to provide an interface into the Sherpa GCI by 2/1/10 [[BR]]
    91  NLR does *not* provide any sort of VLAN translation or tunnelling support, so you are entirely responsible for arriving at your NLR endpoint with your VLANs intact, as it were.  This seems likely to cause problems for some sites, given NLR's relatively small number of endpoints.  It has certainly caused some problems for us.  [[BR]]
    92  RENCI controls their access all the way to their NLR switch port, which gives them a lot more flexibility.  (And note that, since they can be flexible and do arbitrary VLAN translation on their own equipment, people who want to talk to them (like us), don't have to be as flexible.)
     116 NLR Sherpa developers will be rolling out multi- point VLANs in the next month (January, 2010) or so, followed by q-in-q support in the next several months (March, 2010). [[BR]]
    94120d)  Switched (or pre-configured) VLANs via C-Wave service.