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Cluster D conference call on Friday, May 21, 2010


Ilia Baldine (RENCI)
Anirban Mandal

Harry Mussman (GPO)

Joe Mambretti (Northwestern)
Jim Chen

Mike Zink (UMass)
Emmanuel Cecchet

Keren Bergman (Columbia)

Onjin (Oklahoma)

Wenjie (Ohio State)

Tsi (Wayne State)

Rudra Dutta (NCState)


0) Upcoming GENI solicitation:
+ Joe: From Chip Elliott, it includes:

  • Enhanced meso-scale: compute facilites; wireless extensions
  • Will there be support for experiments?

+ Harry: no comment

+ Harry: List of campuses/sites interested in adding WiMAX testbed on wiki at: link

  • Currently, the following campuses/sites have indicated an interest in obtaining their own WiMAX campus deployment kits:
  • University of North Texas (Prof Kamesh Namuduri on 3/16)
  • Florida International University
  • UC San Diego (Prof B. S. Manoj)
  • Wayne State University (Prof Hongwei Zhang)
  • NC State (Porf Rudra Dutta)

1) Taking stock of known unresolved problems:
+ Brian Lynn has issues with pre-mature close
+ Ilia: Under study; expect to respond next week

2) New networking driver structure
+ Ilia: How-to sent out

  • Needs to be reviewed
  • In trunk, coming out in 2.1 release

3) GEC[8 and 9] prep
+ Joe: 2x 10GB links between Stalight and UCSD
+ Ilia: Have handler for OpenFlow; could demo.
+ Ilia: Another network decription workshop at GEC8

4) Connectivity to Wayne State and Ohio State
+ Joe: Ready to go from Starlight to Merit racks;
+ Hongwei: Merit to OARnet to Ohio State; also Merit to Wayne State
+ Ilia: Working with MAX on interoperability
+ Ilia: working toward translation from protoGENI to NDL

  • Harry: Srikanth also working on topic

5) GEC9 demo proposals, accepted:
a) Joe (Northwestern): iGENI, HP and Ericsson: video transcoding on clouds over dynamically provisioned networks. Prototype at GEC8. HP wants to include OpenFlow.
b) David (UMass): Now-casting (short-term weather forcasting), GEC7 demo plus more computation
c) Jeff Chase (Duke): Dynamically stand-up ASs with custom click routers