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     1Cluster D conference call on Friday, May 21, 2010
     4Attendees:   [[BR]]
     6Ilia Baldine  (RENCI)[[BR]]
     7Anirban Mandal
     9Harry Mussman  (GPO)  [[BR]]
     11Joe Mambretti (Northwestern)[[BR]]
     12Jim Chen [[BR]]
     14Mike Zink (UMass) [[BR]]
     15Emmanuel Cecchet [[BR]]
     17Keren Bergman  (Columbia) [[BR]]
     19Onjin  (Oklahoma)  [[BR]]
     21Wenjie (Ohio State)  [[BR]]
     23Tsi     (Wayne State)[[BR]]
     24Hongwei [[BR]]
     26Rudra Dutta  (NCState)
     28Agenda:  [[BR]]
     310) Upcoming GENI solicitation:[[BR]]
     32+  Joe:  From Chip Elliott, it includes:[[BR]]
     33-  Enhanced meso-scale:  compute facilites;  wireless extensions [[BR]]
     34-  Will there be support for experiments?[[BR]]
     35+  Harry:  no comment [[BR]]
     37+  Harry:  List of campuses/sites interested in adding WiMAX testbed on wiki at: [  link]  [[BR]]
     38- Currently, the following campuses/sites have indicated an interest in obtaining their own WiMAX campus deployment kits:
     39-  University of North Texas (Prof Kamesh Namuduri on 3/16)  [[BR]]
     40-  Florida International University  [[BR]]
     41-  UC San Diego  (Prof B. S. Manoj) [[BR]]
     42-  Wayne State University  (Prof Hongwei Zhang) [[BR]]
     43-  NC State  (Porf Rudra Dutta) [[BR]]
     461) Taking stock of known unresolved problems:[[BR]]
     47+  Brian Lynn has issues with pre-mature close[[BR]]
     48+  Ilia:  Under study;  expect to respond next week[[BR]]
     502) New networking driver structure[[BR]]
     51+  Ilia:  How-to sent out[[BR]]
     52-  Needs to be reviewed[[BR]]
     53-  In trunk, coming out in 2.1 release[[BR]]
     553) GEC[8 and 9] prep[[BR]]
     56+  Joe:  2x 10GB links between Stalight and UCSD[[BR]]
     57+  Ilia:  Have handler for OpenFlow;  could demo.[[BR]]
     58+  Ilia:  Another network decription workshop at GEC8[[BR]]
     614) Connectivity to Wayne State and Ohio State[[BR]]
     62+  Joe:  Ready to go from Starlight to Merit racks; [[BR]]
     63+  Hongwei:  Merit to OARnet to Ohio State;  also Merit to Wayne State[[BR]]
     64+ Ilia:  Working with MAX on interoperability[[BR]]
     65+ Ilia:  working toward translation from protoGENI to NDL  [[BR]]
     66- Harry: Srikanth also working on topic[[BR]]
     685)  GEC9 demo proposals, accepted: [[BR]]
     69a)  Joe (Northwestern):  iGENI, HP and Ericsson:  video transcoding on clouds over dynamically provisioned networks.  Prototype at GEC8.  HP wants to include OpenFlow. [[BR]]
     70b)  David (UMass):  Now-casting (short-term weather forcasting), GEC7 demo plus more computation [[BR]]
     71c)  Jeff Chase (Duke):  Dynamically stand-up ASs with custom click routers      [[BR]]