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Cluster D conference call on Friday, April 9, 2010


Ilia Baldine RENCI

Harry Mussman GPO

Joe Mambretti Northwestern

Keren Bergman (Columbia)
Michael Wang

Brian Lynn UMass
David Irwin

Wenjie (Ohio State)

Hongwei Zhang(Wayne State)

Deniz Gurgan (Univ Houston)


1) GEC9 demo proposals, to date:

a) Ilia (RENCI): BEN for video transport
b) Joe (Northwestern): iGENI, HP and Ericsson: video transcoding on clouds over dynamically provisioned networks
c) David (UMass): Now-casting (short-term weather forcasting), GEC7 demo plus more computation
d) Jeff Chase (Duke): Dynamically stand-up ASs with custom click routers

2) Bella 2.0 release:

+ Documentation, still coming. Out by next meeting, including David's example.
+ When to put up Bella 2.0 clearinghouse?

  • When to retire Anacortes 1.2 clearinghouse?
  • Overlap required? probably not; then, can put new clearinghouse on server currently holding old clearinghouse

3) Connectivity plans:

+ Focus on connecting Wayne State to Ohio State via Starlight

  • Had a large conference call