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4.6) Add "yellow nodes" to WiMAX Sites

Ivan Seskar (WINLAB)

  • These are "yellow nodes", introduced in ORBIT testbed
  • Can be used as:
    • General fixed servers
    • Support Multiple Base-Station Mgmt Srvc
    • Support Data-Path GW Srvc
    • Support OMF/OML and Login services
    • Provide WiFi access points
    • Act as fixed "mobile stations"
    • Act as vehicular mobile station (option: 12v mother board and power supply)
  • Currently used by: Rutgers WINLAB; NYU Poly; BBN
  • How can these be provided to sites?
    • One basic design to serve all needs, but with options for fixed 120vac or mobile 12vdc
    • Approximate cost: $800 - $1500
    • Total: at least 32

What are next steps?

  • Working with other projects, refine design to balance functionality and cost, and decide what nodes are needed at which sites
  • Decide on x6 I7 processors, remaining I5 processors; order more, up to x40 total
  • Decide on number with ac and with dc supplies: nominal x28 with ac, and x12 with dc.
  • Order parts (due 11/15/12)
  • Assemble and deliver to sites (due 1/15/13)
  • Can a few of the current yellow nodes be delivered to sites right away with OMF/OML and new WiMAX RF AggMgr?