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Intro to LTE @ FGRE,Ghent Belgium


July 13th Wednesday


Het Pand Ghent Belgium

Tutorial Instructors
Ivan Seskar
Abhimanyu Gosain
Raytheon BBN


The first part will include talks

  • setting up GENI accounts
  • LTE terminology
  • Intro to GENI wireless architecture
  • Intro to ORBIT Testbed

The second part will be a hands on tutorial experiment where attendees will form groups and work on experiments ranging from

  • Form experiment groups
  • Exp 1: USRP based Open Air Interface EPC and Clients to study LTE signalling
  • Exp 2: Software LTE BS (Amarisoft) and Client connection using AT commands
  • Exp 3: Man in the middle attack over Wifi
  • Exp 4: Eye on the Sky watch Aircrafts flying over NYC
  • Exp 5: Channel Access Delay of WiFi and Cellular Networks under Varying Loads

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