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    1010|| Aggregate Resources || A WiMAX aggregate includes one or more WiMAX Base station(s), 3 dedicated PCs that can load experimenter specified OS images equipped with WiMAX USB dongles and multiple Samsung Galaxy S2 handsets runing Android 4.1. The WiMAX Base stations are also connected to the InstaGENI racks to provide dataplane connectivity. ||
    1111|| Typical Experiments || WiMAX Aggregates provide a controllable, predictable, and repeatable network environment. Experimenters get dedicated PCs on which they have full "root" access, run available operating systems of their choice, connect nodes to the WiMAX Base station and choose a datapath vlan to send their traffic.  ||
    12 || Sample RSpecs       || Link to RSpecs used successfully for rack site confirmation tests. ||
     12|| Sample RSpecs       || Link to RSpecs used successfully for connectivity from racks to the WiMAX base stations ||
    1313|| Slice Authorities Recognized ||GENI Portal (, Orbit ( ||
    1414|| Layer 2 Connectivity || Enter list of VLANs; WiMAX-local, which connects the WiMAX Base station to a GENI rack and WiMAX-multipoint, which connects all GENI aggregates at WiMAX sites into a single broadcast domain.  ||