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Welcome to the GENI Wiki

This is the GENI working group wiki. It is intended to be a living repository for information relating to the GENI design and GPO-led Design Process. The structure, governance, and charters for GENI working groups can be found here.

GENI Announcements

Risk Reduction & Prototyping Solicitation

The GENI Project Office will periodically solicit proposals for design and development. We expect to issue the first solicitation in December 2007.

Review Requested: IPR Policy

The GENI Project Office is soliciting input on the proposed Intellectual Property rules for technologies developed for GENI. Details may be found here.


The second GENI Engineering Conference will be held from 9AM on Monday, March 3, 2008 through 4PM on Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, Virginia. There will also be a special newcomer's session on Sunday March 2 at 6pm. We'll post more information at here as it becomes available.

Working Group Pages

Each GENI working group has it's own wiki home page.

  • [GeniNw Narrow Waist WG]


GENI working groups develop and publish documents. Unless otherwise noted, these documents represent the consensus of the publishing working group. Working drafts can be found on the individual working group wiki pages.

Pre-working group design documents (from 2005-2007) can be found here.

Wiki Information

See Getting Started for information on how to post and site-wide conventions.

GENI is using the TRAC wiki and issue tracking software package. Not all the TRAC features are currently in use for GENI (for example there are no tickets), but we expect GENI will eventually use them all. You must log in to the project wiki before you can change any page. Please use the link below for help, changes, or problems with this site.

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For help with the Trac software, including pages that explain how to format wiki text and create new pages, TracGuide is a good place to start

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.